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UK Imaging Facility

 The Imaging Facility is a multi-use core facility, consisting of Transmission Electron Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy and Histology. It operates on a for-fee basis and is available to faculty, staff and students at UK as well individuals from outside the university.


 Technical support for preparation of specimens used in confocal and electron microscopy as well as histology is available from the staff of the Imaging Facility on a for-fee basis. Preparation of fixative and buffer solutions can be provided if the investigator wishes. Immuno-labeling using fluorescence (light level), ABC-peroxidase (light and ultra-structural levels) and colloidal gold (ultra-structural level) is also available. However, investigators are required to provide their own primary antibodies or detection antibodies that are not stocked by the facility. Investigators may choose the level of technical support based upon their individual needs. Support may range from training on the instrumentation, allowing independent use by the investigator, to complete processing of samples and final imaging by the facility staff.


Confocal Microscopy
Leica SP upright confocal with Olympus MagnaFire digital camera
Leica SP inverted confocal with multiphoton
Leica SP5 AOBS inverted confocal microscope with environmental chamber

Leica SP5 inverted confocal microscope with multiphoton

Electron Microscopy
Philips Biotwin 12 transmission electron microscope with STEM, EDAX and Gatan 1000 ES digital camera
Hitachi 7100 electron microscope
Reichert Ultracut E microtomes (2)
Leica UC6 ultramicrotome
Leica EM KMR2 knifebreaker 

Ilford print processor

Leica VT 1000S vibratome
Shandon cryotome FSE
Hacker cryostat
Shannon Finesse paraffin microtome
LX 120 tissue processor
Leica histo embedder
Thermo Shannon slide stainer

H/I 76 knife sharpener

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Location: 1095 VA Drive Lexington, KY



Dr. Burce Maley, Director



Mary Gail Engle, Sr. Research Facility Manager



Jim Begley, Research Facility Manager


Cynthia Long,  Research Facility Manager-Histology




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