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UK Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER)

 The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research has a long tradition of fossil fuel research. While respecting that history, we recognize today's constantly changing energy field. In order to respond to today and tomorrow's needs, we strive to solve existing problems, while identifying potential future technologies. The research projects described here reflect those goals.

 The Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) is the one of the University of Kentucky's multidisciplinary research centers. Its energy research provides a focal point for coal and environmental research in Kentucky. Research efforts are directed to: coal cleaning, beneficiation, utilization, and conversion process technologies. Environmental issues relating to fuel use and coal combustion by-products constitute a major effort, along with the derivation of high added-value materials and chemicals from energy resources. The CAER is a non-academic unit that is staffed by professional scientists and engineers, has extensive interactions with faculty members and students, and provides analytical services for outside organizations.

 Vision: To excel as an applied research and development center with an international reputation, focusing on the optimal use of Kentucky's and the nation's energy resources for the benefit of its people.

 Mission: As a Center of the University of Kentucky, we will pursue the Vision by:

  • Performing sound fundamental and applied research to develop industrially relevant technologies
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to implement novel technologies
  • Providing technologies to improve the environment
  • Contributing to the formulation of technically sound policies related to energy and the environment
  • Developing the capabilities of our colleagues while fostering a mutually supportive work environment with respect for individuals
  • Acting in good faith and with integrity in all our dealings to build long lasting relationships with our stakeholders
  • Contributing to the teaching and instruction aim of UK by educating students from pre-college to postgraduate levels and being involved in labor force development for Kentucky
  • Collaborating with colleagues of UK to promote UK's and CAER'S objectives
  • Promoting UK's objective of developing and benefiting from its Intellectual Property with a balance between the publication of scientific results and patenting
  • Providing public service in the areas of scientific education and our energy related competencies.

Location: The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research 2540 Research Park Drive Lexington, KY

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Rodney Andrews, CAER Director




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