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Sullivan University College of Pharmacy

About Nanotechnology:

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing industry, incorporating all fields of science and similar studies. The theme “Nano is Too Big” is intended to entice curious persons to dive deeper into the field of nanotechnology, as its future capabilities are seemingly endless.

From a pharmacist perspective, Dean Hieu T. Tran, Pharm. D., state "we are looking forward to the advancement of Nanoscience applied to drug delivery and treatment and to forward the translational science initiative, brining nanotech from bench to the patient's bedside."

Yashwant Pathak, conference coordinator, strongly believes that the subject is so vast and unlimited, it cannot be overlooked. The sooner nanotechnology is explored and understood, the more humanity can take advantage of its benefits.


Mission: The mission of the College of Pharmacy at Sullivan University is to create a future workforce for the growing nanotechnology companies in Kentucky and across the world.

Goals: Provide for education at various levels, including high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. Provide opportunities for research in nanotechnology and applications. Contract research for the industry. Address the needs of the community by creating programs and seminar for the community at large. Apply for extramural funding from Federal and State agencies. Contribute to intellectual property through innovation.

Official Website: 

Location: 2100 Gardiner Lane Louisville, KY 40205                                                                                         502.413.8640



Dr. Hieu T. Tran, Interim Director of Research at Sullivan CENTERA




Amber Jeffries, Administrative Assistant to the Office of Research

Sara Wade, Executive Assistant to the Dean


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