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Murray State Microelectronics Lab

The microelectronics lab at Murray State University houses the only University semiconductor clean room in Western Kentucky. The clean room has a 1 micron photolithographic capability and utilizes a Karl Suss MJB-3 contact aligner with diffraction corrected optics. Additionally, the cleanroom has a photoresist spinner, digital hotplate, wet bench, and optical microscope. Outside of the cleanroom, the remainder of the lab contains a sputtering system, reactive ion etcher, vacuum annealer, thickness profilometer, electrical characterization equipment, and a Hall effect system that is under construction.

The lab has been primarily used for wide bandgap semiconductor work on materials such as SiC and GaN. This research work has focused on ohmic and Schottky contacts with a recent emphasis on ohmic contacts to implanted p-type SiC. The lab is located in Room 150 of the Blackburn Science Building on the Murray State campus.

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