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KRUNCH Software Moves to Dedicated VPN



August 15th, 2011


To: All Cleanroom Clients/Users




At 5 pm on August 19th, all software hosted on our current license server ( will be moved to our new dedicated VPN server (


If you are currently using any of the software currently provided by the EPSCoR KYNanoNET initiative, including IntelliSuite, Silvaco, and TannerTools (L-Edit), each individual user will have to fill out a request form at the website


After filling out the form, instructions on how to login and install the VPN software will be sent to the e-mail address provided.


Once your account is activated, you can first log into the VPN and then use your software as in the past (slight changes to the license server address will be required). If you need installation instructions for the software, links on the VPN log-in page will direct new users to the installation files and documents.


This move is being performed to allow users both on and off-campus access to the shared software initiative of the KYNanoNet (KRUNCH), as well as a method to ensure compliance with the software vendors (no commercial use) and provide usage accounting to the sponsoring entity (EPSCoR).





The KYNanoNET Team

University of Louisville



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