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KRUNCH, A Shared Software Resource for Kentucky

The goal of the KY nanoNET is to better coordinate the existing micro/nano activitiesand core facilities around Kentucky through a common web-based portal with an associated educational outreachprogram. Perhaps the most significant and progressive element of this portal will be KRUNCH-the “shared software program” in which access is provided to computer-based research tools, with special outreachto smaller universities (both for classroom use as well as research). These software packages will be commercial MEMS/NEMS TCAD (Technology Computer Aided Design) tools that smaller universities are less able to useconsidering the considerable monetary investment necessary to do so. The UofL team is striving to include as many TCAD software packages as possible in the KY nanoNET and has already obtained commitments from most target vendors.

In order to protect the interests of the software companies allowing the licensing of these tools to be extended beyond the borders of the University of Louisville, users of the nanoNET will need to sign a contract stating that anyuse of the provided software for “commercial” purposes are strictly forbidden. This situation is not too different from traditional classes that offer “educational” software to students who happen to work in industry and expect the students to limit their software usage to the intended educational application and not for profit. Any users found to be violating the agreement will be permanently banned from accessing the nanoNET.

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L-Edit Tutorial Available

Attention L-Edit novices, check out the newly written L-Edit tutorial.  L-Edit is a layout editor that is designed for use with ICs and MEMs devices.  It is also one of the downloads provided through KRUNCH.  This new tutorial should help beginners get through the initial barrier to entry and get started making their own designs.

UofL L-Edit Tutorial