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Custom Photomasks Available from KyNN

Photolithography is one of the most critical and frequently used steps in fabricating micro and nano devices. University research involving the fabrication of micro and nano devices typically requires between 1 and 12 lithographic steps, while advanced commercial CMOS processes often require upwards of 20 or 30 masks. Because of the performance and cost improvements to microfabricated devices, there is a strong need for sub-micron capabilities for the next generation of devices. The goal of this component of the KyNN is to establish a true “KORE” (Kentucky Optical REsources) facility for providing custom high-resolution photomasks to all researchers and educators within the Commonwealth and beyond.

With the recent addition of the new Heidleberg 66FS to the Shumaker Research Building, UofL has seen a remarkable increase in its mask making capabilities.  Because of this, UofL is expanding its mask writing capability to other members of KYNanoNET.  To find out more about the capabilities of the Heidleberg 66FS and learn how to submit a request to have a mask made, check out the Louisville Photomask website.


Various types of mask writing are avaiable:

 - four, five, six, and seven inch photomasks

 - Testing and Prime grade photomasks

 - Iron Oxide or Low Reflectivity Chrome photomasks

 - Feature size as small as 600nm

 - Direct write on wafers

 - 32 and 128 Grayscale Lithography


Mask Generation - 'KORE' UPDATES

Click here to download Brochure 



KORE Quarterly Report

This shows the updated statistics for LPG usage over the past year.


KORE Quarterly Report

This graph shows an updated report on the use of KORE in the past year.  Over the past month non-UofL users have nearly caught up with UofL users in terms of LPG use.



This graph showcases the use of KORE in the past year.  While internal photomask generation is still generating most of the LPG use, outside requests are becoming more and more popular.



KORE Monthly Report

University of Louisville has been increasing its production of photomasks with its Heidleberg 66FS Laser Pattern Generator.  This graph shows the amount of increase in usage in the past year.

As you can see the amount of photomasks being created for users outside of University of Louisville is on the rise.  This graph also showcases that the University of Louisville has begun to write directly to wafers with fantanstic results.