General Chair

Kevin M. Walsh

University of Louisville


Steering Committee

Kevin Walsh, U. Louisville

Abeer AlGrananeem, Sullivan U.

Vijay Singh, U. Kentucky

Edward Kintzel, Western K.U.


Organizing Committee

Ana Sanchez, U. Louisville

Jeff Mossey, Ky NSF EPSCoR

Amber Jeffries, Sullivan U.

Shelby Hooper, Western K.U.

Julia Aebersold, U. Louisville

Wendy Metcalf, U. Louisville

Technical Committee Chair

Shamus McNamara

University of Louisville



Technical Committee

Bruce Alphenaar, U. Louisville

Rodney Andrews, KY NSF EPSCoR

Thomas Berfield, U. Louisville

Robert Cohn, U. Louisville

Vladimir Dobrokhotov, Western K.U.

Thad Druffel, U. Louisville

Aaron Celestian, Western K.U.

Xiao-An Fu, U. Louisville

Todd Hastings, U. Kentucky

Bruce Hinds, U. Kentucky

Sergio Mendes, U. Louisville

Jeff Mossey, KY NSF EPSCoR

Hemali Rathnayake, Western K.U.

Palaniappan Sethu, U. Louisville

Gamini Sumanasekera, U. Louisville

Wasana Sumanasekera, Sullivan U.

Mahendra Sunkara, U. Louisville

Christine Trinkle, U. Kentucky

Stuart Williams, U. Louisville

Qinzhou Xu, Morehead U.

Francis Zamborini, U. Louisville
























Call For Extended Abstracts

Louisville KY

August 16 - August 17, 2013



The purpose of this Symposium is to bring together micro and nanotechnology researchers within Kentucky and the surrounding regions to discuss new findings, share results, and network with one another. The Symposium is open to all scientists, engineers, and students from a variety of disciplines including microtechnology, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, energy, advanced materials, MEMS, biotechnology and nano-education. The KY NanoSymposium also promises to expand the awareness of core facilities that exist within the region and cultivate new research collaborations, helping to expand the reach of the NSF-funded KY nanoNET Initiative. Researchers and representatives of university micro/nano fabrication laboratory facilities, ranging from new labs to nationally recognized service centers, will find this symposium an excellent forum for exchanging information and presenting new research and educational concepts. Come join the 2013 KY NanoSymposium to promote your interesting area of micro/nanotechnology.


Scope of the 2013 Nano Symposium includes:

  • New initiatives in research networking, resource awareness & sharing, and parnership interaction
  • Nanotechnology
  • MEMS: Sensor and Actuators
  • Advanced Materials & Processing
  • Bio-Technology / Life Sciences
  • Pharma & Nano Medicine
  • Energy
  • Semiconductor Devices and Microelectronics
  • Micro/Nano Core Facilities
  • Nano Education & Outreach




We will be using the extended abstract format 2 page (1 page of text and 1 page of figures, tables, and references) instead of the abstract and paper format.

Abstracts must be submitted electronically on the symposium website (using the Abstract Submission form) by June 3, 2013. Authors should indicate preference for oral or poster presentation, as well as their institution and contact information. The two page abstract will be your final manuscript. This manuscript will be published in the symposium website and handed out on electronic form at the conference. Please be sure to review the abstract checklist before submitting the form below.

For more information, send an email to Ana Sanchez (organizing committee member) @



■Abstracts must be 2 pages long (1 page of text, and 1 page of figures, tables, and references).

Author information should be provided.

Any affiliation the author has must be listed.

List 5 keywords that pertain to the topic being discussed.

List References

Minimum of 10pt font.

■All abstracts must be submitted in .PDF form.

























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