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Welcome to the Ky NanoNET

Connecting Kentucky's Micro/Nano Community. 

The goal of the KyNN is to provide the tools you need to better collaborate and share the many resources available in the Bluegrass State.

This five year initiative, funded by Ky NSF EPSCoR, is broken into three interconnected parts:

  • KyNN is the communication portion of the initiative and consists of this web portal, several social media components and an informational database ralated to the micro/nano community in Kentucky.
  • KRUNCH is a shared software initiative that will provide access to several high end commercial modeling packages for all of Kentucky's Universities.
  • KORE is an infrastructure project to provide a resource for custom high resolution mask generation within the state of Kentucky.

 The Kentucky NanoNet project is housed out of UofL's Micro/Nano Technology Center with Dr. Kevin Walsh acting as the PI. Although founded by UofL, the initiative has already grown to include at least one Node at each of the major Kentucky schools. These Nodes represent laboratories performing research in some aspect of micro/nano technology.

For more information please feel free to Contact Us.


SAVE-THE-DATE for Ky nanoSymposium

Annual Nanotechnology Symposium will be held August 16-17, 2013, University of Louisville, University Club and Alumni Center, Louisville, KY.


See Call for Abstracts Instructions Here!

Abstracts due June 3, 2013


In partnership with Western Kentucky University, Sullivan University, and University of Kentucky, The Ky nanoNET team invites you to participate in the 2013 Kentucky Nano Symposium.

The purpose of this Symposium is to bring together micro and nanotechnology researchers within Kentucky and the surrounding regions to discuss new findings, share results, and network with one another. The Symposium is open to all scientists, engineers, and students from a variety of disciplines including microtechnology, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, energy, advanced materials, MEMS, biotechnology and nano-education. The KY NanoSymposium also promises to expand the awareness of core facilities that exist within the region and cultivate new research collaborations, helping to expand the reach of the NSF-funded KY nanoNET Initiative. Researchers and representatives of university micro/nano fabrication laboratory facilities, ranging from new labs to nationally recognized service centers, will find this symposium an excellent forum for exchanging information and presenting new research and educational concepts. Come join the 2013 KY NanoSymposium to promote your interesting area of micro/nanotechnology.

The conference will be held from August 16-17, 2013 on Belknap Campus University Club and Shumaker Research Bldg home of the 10,000 sq.ft., 7 bay, class 100/1000 Micro/Nano Technology Center at the University of Louisville.

Ky nanoNET is excited about hosting this year's symposium. We hope you can join us for what promises to be 1.5 days of valuable networking experience.